K.D. Pinklec

Theatre Company Pinklec is a theatre for children and youth and it acts at Čakovec Cultural Center since 1987. It’s founder and artistic director is Romano Bogdan.
Theater Company Pinklec became a professional theater company in 2006 and has been focused on engaged theater ever since. Many of our theater plays deal with the current issues of the world we live in. We have plays that talk about refugees, divorce, democracy, the right to choose and death. Some of these plays are puppetry, some are dramas based on acting.


We pick Croatian and worldwide authors who honestly and bravely talk about problems of children and young people in their works and through excellent directing techniques we take care of artistic criteria which are extremely important for young audience. We keep in mind that theatre raises children by its aesthetic and we want every child’s future to have a memory of some theatre story that formed their aesthetic by its magic.

We participate in several festivals every year in region and abroad.
It is a great success for us that at most Croatian festivals we have received the most important and significant awards for our work.
Also, we have participated in foreign festivals:

      • 23rd International Puppet Theater Festival, Israel, 2020. – performance „S razlogom“ (With reason)

      • 14th Izmir International Puppet Days, Turkey, 2020. – performance „Do viđenja“ (Goodbye)

      • Shanghai International Children`s Theatre Festival, Shanghai, 2019. – performance „A tko si ti“
        (And Who Are You?)

      • Festival „Colpi di Scena“, Ravenna, Italy, 2018. – performance „Do viđenja“ (Goodbye)

      • International Animation Festival „Joy for children. Top notch shows“, Romania, 2014. –
        performance „A tko si ti“ , „Ptičica“ (And who are You?, Birdie)

      • Kids Euro Festival, Washington, 2013. – performance „A tko si ti“ (And who are You?)

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Short Info
  • founded 1987
  • 7 permanent + 12 free employees
  • 3 new productions per season
  • 120 performances per Season
  • 16.000 spectators per year


Through the year we introduce ourselves with two to three performances, some in our own arrangement and some in co-production with other theaters.
Most of the co-productions we do with Croatian theaters but we would also like to point out some foreign co – productions.
For five years in a row, Croatian Ministry of Cultures program The Culture Backpack has been implemented in which the Pinklec Theater Company has been participating since the beginning. With our performances, we visit kindergartens and schools of smaller places and areas (towns, suburbs and villages) and places of less wealth so that children who are living in these areas can also see and enjoy good and quality performances.

Theatre Company Pinklec is a member of professional theatre associations: UNIMA (The Worldwide Puppetry Organisation), ASSITEJ (International association of theaters for children and young people).
For 19 years in a row, the Festival of Professional Theaters for Children and Youth HC Assitej has been organized in town Čakovec. This year, 2020, we are celebrating 20 years of the Čakovec Festival. Every year in October, 10 performances are selected by the jury, and are presented to audience at the festival. Thousands of children from Međimurje County (schools and kindergartens) visit us. We have become a highly regarded and reputable festival for which a ticket more is required.

Since 2011, within the Pinklec Theater Society and the Čakovec Cultural Center, the DADA Drama Studio, conducted by Davor Dokleja, has been operating. Currently, there are 9 different groups in the DADA Drama Studio with over a hundred children between the ages of 6 and 26, and there is also a special group for adults, focused on teachers and educators. The drama educators who lead the groups are longtime actors of the Pinklec Theater Company. Drama Studio Dada can command with 22 different awards from Croatia and abroad.

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