Professional Productions

In a consecutive step-by-step approach during the four years each theatre works on four professional productions (one per season):

#1 presentation artistic expertise

#2 first approach to include selected target groups

#3 co-production for mixed audiences

#4 enlarge network by external partner (co-production)

With the productions we take up the red thread of the project, “The Life of the Others”. We want to tell stories from the living worlds (realities) of our audience. For this we – the artists – must first be curious and experience, what the “lives of our audiences” really look like? What is important to them, what moves them? That is why each of our productions is preceded by a “research process“. We bring artists and audience together. This brings new demands on the authorship of a production and will change the production process at the theatres. Here it is essential to take in account the fixed limitations of the new audiences (such as limited language skills, limited sensory perceptions, mental capacity etc.) New artistic offers must be as barrierfree (accessible) as possible.


The theatres will present their artistic work and ethos right at the beginning. This is the way to get to know each other, because the more artists can experience about the work of “the others”, the easier it will be to have a future exchange.

target group

In order to find a suitable access to the new target groups, theatres will cooperate with cultural advisors. These experts can be e.g. psychologists, social workers, artists / playwrights with relevant background etc. Additional support will come from the partner schools.

mixed audiences

This production will be a co-production with another CONNECTUP-partner. The partner combination is a logical combination of the chosen new audience groups and the partner’s artistic expertise.

enlarge network

CONNECTUP opens up to 9 new theatres in the last year. In search of extended artistic inspiration and sustainability production#4 will be produced in collaboration with a professional theatre company outside the group of CONNECTUP -partners.