Universitetet I Agder

The University of Agder (UiA) is one of Norway’s newest universities, but our roots span over more than 190 years. We have merged from different schools for higher education and we officially opened as a full university in 2007. The university of Agder has 13,000 students and 1,400 faculty and staff members.

UiA is located on two campuses in the two cities Kristiansand and Grimstad, both in the very south of Norway. The university consists of six faculties, Technology and Science, Humanities and Education, Health and Sports, School of Business, Social Sciences, Fine Arts and a Teacher Education Unit. The faculties consist of departments, 22 in total.

The Department of Visual Arts and Drama offers one-year studies, bachelor’s programmes (Contemporary theatre – BA, and Visual art and art education- BA), and an interdisciplinary master’s programme as well as courses at the doctoral level. Through a special focus on contemporary art and contemporary theatre, we equip the students to lead and execute independent projects.

The study programs and subjects within theatre and drama combine executive practice, critical reflection, and didactic strategies. In the various courses and study programs, students are guided through extensive theatrical academic processes by experienced teaching staff. The teaching emphasizes community engagement and has an investigative approach to what “contemporary theatre” is and can be.

The Department of Visual Arts and Drama is the main organiser of the Theatre Mediation Programme.

University in Agder is the leading organisation of ConnectUp.

Short Info
  • roots back to 1828
  • 2007 opened as full university
  • 13.000 students and 1400 faculty staff members
  • organised with 6 faculties, among them Fine Arts
  • 100 staff members and about 500 students and 13 professors at the Faculty of Fine Arts