Masterclasses are an important tool in ConnectUp. They will be given to the participants of the Theater Mediation Programme (learners) by experts of different disciplines. When the learners travel to international connectup-festivals (at least once per season) they participate in masterclasses (as follow-up of the seminar week) to deepen the theoretical input. Also to artists of the theatres, masterclasses will be offered regularly at the connectup-festivals.

Masterclass by Teatro O Bando in Porto October 2021

Actor’s Awareness on Stage is an actor’s working system based on the perspective of the beholder, the spectator.

It is a theatrical glossary created from the exploratory work of the actor. In this Masterclass, through talks and exercises that start from the concrete perception, we developed and shared the idea of fiction and representation in theatre.

Transcultural theatre work with young people and young adults with migration background

by Corinne Eckenstein, Dschungel Wien in Porto October 2021

The realities of young people with a migration- or refugee background are more complex than the often stigmatising and stereotypical depiction suggests. Muslim masculinity in particular is predominantly portrayed in public and media discourses as patriarchal, sexist and violent. Often these young men fight against patriarchal structures and expectations themselves. The aim of this masterclass is to use the means of theatre to start a dialogue, to reduce fears and prejudices and to show ways into conversation on taboo topics such as religion, sexuality and gender with writing exercises, improvisation and games.