Further professional education is one of the main goals of ConnectUp. For this reason various workshop formats are planned during the project period, focusing on techniques and skills in particular fields. The workshops will mainly take place during the festivals and showcases and will be run by theatre artists who have special skills and specifications. 

Due to the Covid19 pandemic it turns out to be very difficult to have direct contacts.  Our workshops are planned as practical hands on work meetings and are on hold for the near future.

As soon as we can go on we will update this page.

Co-Creation Evaluation Methods: Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale and others

by Ava Hunt, Derby University in Porto October 2021

One of the main approaches of Connect Up is to contribute that different groups of society actively (artistically) meet and gaining a better understanding of the “Life of the Others“. Thereby outcome categories are addressed like: Enjoyment, Intensity, Respect, Acceptance, Empathy, New People or Confidence. The generic term for these categories is “wellbeing”. To measure this, connect up refers to the proven method of WEMWBS, which each partner will conduct on selected groups for their productions, workshops and co-creations and determines whether the “wellbeing score” changes during the process. The WEMWBS are to be completed online and available in different languages.