Footsteps in the mud

Footsteps in the Mud is written in unrhymed verse, in the first person, and shared with the audience through performance, sound, music and images.

Melisa, a 14-year-old Roma girl from Croatia is on her first day of the school year. Whilst she is in the eighth grade, her brother Renato is in the first. Renato runs away from school and so his big sister hunts to find him. As we travel with Melisa, we get to know the settlement and its inhabitants. We are introduced to traditional and contemporary music, and her community’s passion for cars and football, their daily activities and problems relating to housing and family.

The author Mateja Posedi got the inspiration for the drama during a visit to the Roma settlement in Kuršanac. In addition, in collaboration with an actor and a drama teacher, he held several meetings (drama workshops) at Orehovica Elementary School, which is attended by a large number of Roma. The workshops were based on situational games. Through these group games and individual conversations and interviews, the author had the opportunity to meet students, young people, who have their own desires, loves, fears, interests… All of this is carefully woven into the show Footsteps in the mud, directed by Sarah Brigham from Derby Theatre.


Short Info

Premiere: 30 April 2023
Age: 11+
Co-production: K.D. Pinklec | Derby Theatre

Direction Team

Director: Sarah Brigham
Author: Mateja Posedi
Set designer: Neno Kern
Music: Ivan Stott and Nikola Švenda
Lighting design: Neven Taradi
Set design: Davor Tkalec
Dramaturg: Odette Bereska


with Ena Jagec, Mario Jakšić, Davor Dokleja and Bruno Kontrec