In the dual education “Theatre Mediation” we will train more than 50 theatre / festival employees and teachers from key schools to become Theatre Mediators in two 18-month runs. These study programme will be open for Non-Europeans as well.

Each CONNECTUP partner organisation delegates at least one staff member (e.g. a literary adviser, musician, dancer, actor, designer, marketing person, festival organiser) to each of the two runs.

From the key schools one teacher (per partner) will participate.
The continuous involvement of teachers in the training and AD programmes is done to achieve the following strategic goals:

  • To build stable and sustainable networks (theatre / schools), which benefits both sides;
  • To develop a sound understanding for teachers about theatrical processes. Especially for cultural offersoff / beyond the mainstream;
  • To teach theatrical techniques that help teachers use playful methods in lessons.

Who carries it out? 

The University of Agder (UiA) develops the curriculum in collaboration with Derby University and KOST. Their staff members lead the two runs of the 18-month programmes.

Individual workshops are also run by theatre artists who have special specifications, such as from “I am O.K.” when dealing with the YP with mental disabilities or Dschungel Wien with dance workshops for YP from socially peripheral areas. In this way the Theatre Mediation Programme integrates the national expertise and lifts it up to a European level.

How TMP is structured?

The training programme is planned as a “Dual Education”, which combines parallel on-going theoretical training with practical applications. Each run of the programme consists of the theoretical phase (including E-learning) and the practical phase (Implementation of immediate practical follow up work at theatres / festivals).

The participants (learners) become artistic team members of the professional productions and create accompanying work around them such as co-creations, workshops, talks etc. They have the opportunity to take part in a one-week exchange visit (job shadowing) with one of their interna- tional project colleagues.

     Development Team

Odette Bereska
Literary Adviser

Nicole Aurich
Manager KOST

Kristian Nødtvedt Knudsen
Associate Professor

Caroline Barth
Director of Creative Learning

Gunnar Horn
Head of TMP

Ava Hunt
Senior Lecturer

Hana Zanin Pauknerová
Artistic Director

Merete Elnan
Head of department