Emina Petzer

Born in Bosnia, living in Austria since 1991

Current profession: Teacher for mathematics, physics, chemistry, dance, career orientation, art and culture instructed for the schools in the 21 district, as well as teaching integration classes in Vienna, currently working at MS Kinzerplatz

BIG (Bildungskooperationen in der Grenzregionen) for three years in the Europabüro JUMUW with the university of vienna (Jugendliches multikulturelles Wien) for three years
Own productions at the Kinderfestival Multikids for many years
Extracurricular dance coaching for Youngsters at the interface
Workshop organiser for teachers to the following topics: transculturality, art and culture mediation, career orientation

Academical studies electrical engineering and telecommunication teaching post studies mathematics, physics, chemistry education for dance teachers focusing choreography and childrens dance