Dschungel Wien

Dschungel Wien is a theatre for children, adolescents and young adults and is situated in the heart of Vienna. Our social responsibilities and tasks are to produce moving plays for moving times. A theatre dealing with the people and the issues of our city (Vienna), our times and current social developments.


Dschungel Wien should be an authentic and bold platform for the views, interests, and life circumstances of children and adolescents, and should function as their voice. It should be a place where young people are stimulated to reflect on the society they live in, to express their desires, fears and visions, but also to provoke and be allowed to create their own utopias. Our target groups range from the very young to kindergarten children and youngsters from ages 10 to 14, but we also reach out to young adults aged 15 years and older; we have many productions in all genres, from spoken theatre to musical theatre with a special focus on dance and performance.

Culture for everybody

Our model of art sponsorship enables us to offer children and adolescents who cannot afford to come to Dschungel Wien on an individual basis or with their school classes or children’s groups, a greatly reduced entrance fee or even free entry. Art is no luxury and must not solely be for the elite. Rather, it should be an opportunity to deal with today’s issues in a creative way.


Short Info
  • founded 2004
  • 25 permanent staff
  • artists work as freelancers
  • 3–5 own and co-productions
  • presentation of 25 productions of free companies
  • 500–530 shows per season
  • 55.000 spectators per year
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