Kalaschnikow – mon amour

Kalaschnikow – Mon Amour

Men’s world(s)
with 4 young performers and 3 dancers


Why does a Muslim youth tattoo a Kalashnikov on his forearm? Is it an expression of violence? Of manhood? Or is he a war admirer? Here the story begins. The Kalashnikov has become a symbol of the fight for independence around the world. It is about the feeling of freedom and self-determination. It is not easy for young people of Arab origin who grow up between two worlds with different values and cultures to find their place. The search for their own identity is shaped by family, religion and traditions. In their desire for independence, they collide with a society that finds it difficult to accept them.

Together with Arab youths, we investigate the conditions under which masculinity is socially constructed. Some demand a dominant male position and rely on culture and tradition. For others-especially those who have experienced flight – the current life situation can offer a space for new possibilities and freedom as well as for exploring multi-layered images of masculinity. What dreams, fears and life plans do they have? A very personal piece about taboo topics such as politics, sexuality and religion and the inner conflict of young men who themselves struggle against patriarchal structures and expectations.

Short Info

Lenght: 60 min
Age: 14+

Performances December 2021

January and April 2022

Direction Team

Concept, choreography: Corinne Eckenstein
Project Management: Jennifer Vogtmann
Stage: Hawy Abdel Rahman
Music: Karrar Al Saedi
Video: Osama Rasheed
Assistant director: Sophie Freimüller


Ali Reza Askari, Javid Hakim, Ahmad Hazara, Iliya Hosseini, Jasir Karimi, Morteza Mohammadi