Real Digital

Real Digital

Research Project for Puppet theatre

Most teenagers experience a great deal of pressure. Pressure to perform. Where does it come from? What is this exactly? Who is influencing it? How do you get rid of it? The fact is that digitalization has shifted natural values.

The demands on students are enormous. Good is no longer enough. Everything has to be perfect. Everything and everyone is compared to others through the internet and social networks. The perfect illusory world in virtuality not only leads to disappointments in real life, but also to inferiority complexes. Many young people therefore take refuge in virtuality. There they create other identities for themselves, are anonymous and feel safe. The mobile phone, tablet, computer or PlayStation are as important as your best friend. What happens when a device replaces friendship? Redefining social interaction? Real or fake? Shitstorm or do I like it? Dependence or freedom?

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Direction Team

Research: Franziska Till, Konrad Bruno Till
Puppetry: Konrad Bruno Till