The Landesbühnen Sachsen GmbH presents theatrical performances in musical theatre (opera, operetta, musicals), straight theater, dance and puppet theater. The modern-day theatre is a descendent of the “Volksoper Dresden” formed in 1945, recognized as a public theatre in the official budget of Saxony in 1949.

The Landesbühnen are the professional travelling repertory theatre of the German province of Saxony with music theatre, ballet and drama ensembles. Over 200 employees–among them the theatre’s own props, scenery and costume departments, ticketing, marketing, sales and administration offices–are responsible for organizing, preparing and performing more than 600 performances each year in Saxony, Middle Germany and other European venues, such as Denmark, Austria, Poland, England, Cuba, Croatia, America.

The Landesbühnen fulfill the function of “city theatre” in their home theatre in Radebeul, but also bring all forms of theatre to the entire Free State of Saxony in palaces, gardens, and on the Felsenbühne Rathen as well as guest performances by other troupes. The Landesbühnen are especially present in more rural areas.

For almost ten years the (Dep. of the Landesbühnen) is active and present throughout Radebeul’s kindergartens, schools, and entire cultural realm with engaging projects and productions–offering staged performances, mobile productions, workshops, and a variety of other educational and outreach initiatives. In the age of life-long learning, every visitor is invited to approach art as a learner and curious discoverer. Theatre-one of the best places for intergenerational communication.


Short Info
  • founded in 1945
  • departments: opera, dance, drama, young theatre, puppetry
  • mobile theatre for Saxony
  • 231 employees, among them 99 artists (freelancer not included)
  • 20–25 new productions per season, 20% of them for young audience
  • 650 performances at the main venue and in whole Saxony per year
  • 177.000 spectators per season (incl. open-air)
  • KOST has its base here since 2015

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Johannes Krobbach

Mirko Israel


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