Created in 1978, FITEI – Festival Internacional de Teatro de Expressão Ibérica, is Portugal’s oldest theatre festival – a reference in its domain and a recognised award-winning event. For more than 40 years the festival promotes theatre and performing arts; and enhances creative and collaborative bridges between Portugal and the Ibero-speaking world (Spain, Latin America, African Portuguese-speaking countries).

International artists are programmed alongside local performers. Performances are often followed by Q&A sessions and the festival also organises parallel events such as seminars, workshops and exhibitions, which allows the exchange of good practices, promotes networking between artists with different backgrounds and brings audiences closer to both artists and cultural organisations, thus enhancing their sense of belonging to a project strongly rooted in the local performing arts scene.

Our concept for ConnectUp: We will be promoting a collaboration project between an artist and a group of children preferably of one class either between 12-15 or 15-18 years old. The motivation behind this mediation project is to enable some sort of change amongst all participants,particularly focused on broadening horizons regarding artistic productions and connecting them with personal development. For instance, we would like to create an experimental work between a composer and these children regarding a theme on the debate, for example, these meetings and workshops will lead to their biographical soundtrack, in search of social skills building positive self-esteem and projection. It wil lbe the most collaborative possible in the sense of gathering info on the needs and desires, of both parties, and having a clear mission to serve this new audience.

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15 May – 26 May 2024

  • founded 1978
  • 6 permanent employees, 15 during the festival period
  • 25 performances during the festival
  • 10.000 spectator




Rute Marques da Silva

Bruno Moreira

Using devising techniques for approach and development of a theatresite-specific work (residency), for their own empowerment and projection, where the stimuli can start on music or sound and end in a theatrical production. This project will have its means of work established in devising and collaboration, with a focus on workshops for non-actors on theatre, dance, and composition. This particular school is chosen for its geographical and social/economical surroundings, characterized by tensions involving drug dealing and consumption. Right in the core of the city, at its western side, in a very contrasting and polarized society between the most advantaged and the least. This project has the objective and mission of rescaling Porto in these participants making connections with improbable encounters in this context.