Festival Segnali

The Segnali Festival, directed and organized by Elsinor and Teatro del Buratto, is a historical and fundamental event for Italian children’s theatre.


For theatre managers Segnali is the chance to meet all the different kind of productions and distributions coming from the whole country, and to compare and find out about all the different types of poetic and artistic paths. A privileged place to come together with international openings, as well as an occasion of promotion and visibility for professional companies. A crossroads of paths that over the years has allowed a direct knowledge of the shows on, encouraging more aware and effective programming, and a significant help for distribution throughout the country.

For the audience, Segnali is an opportunity to get a glimpse of the best Italian (but not only) children’s theatre productions coming up, as well as a cultural and informal opportunity of exchange between families and school children.

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5-7 May 2021

  • founded in 1990
  • around 20 performances per edition