Elsinor Centro di Produzione Teatrale

Elsinor is a centre for theatrical production. It creates shows and plays for theatres but also for specific locations (such as schools, museums, cathedrals, harbour canals or monumental cemeteries…).

As a touring company it has performed all around Italy and abroad, reaching North and South America, Africa, Asia, Oceania and, of course, the rest of Europe.

Elsinor is based in Milan, at the Teatro Fontana, but it is composed of two other local units, such as Teatro Cantiere Florida in Florence and Teatro Testori in Forlì, which was the first venue where the company was born in the Seventies, and in 2018 has finally been bought by Elsinor.

The three venues share the same commitment in exploring the new contemporary theatrical prose; they have created a synergy that let them exchange their experiences inspired by traditional and new approaches.

They traditionally organise three kinds of seasons in each venue, namely shows for schools, for families and for adults. These programmes host both Elsinor’s productions and other companies‘ work from around Italy and abroad.
Besides shows Elsinor offers the audience presentation meetings, special events, post-show discussions, lectures, workshops and seminars for students, amateurs and professionals.

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Short Info
  • founded 1999, from the merger of three companies active since the ’70ies
  • 152 staff members(113 artists) in three cities
  • 8 new productions per season
  • 360 performances per season
  • 50.400 spectators per year

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