Based on the 1998 cult film written and directed by Thomas Vinterberg, Festen is the tale of an abyss.

A birthday party for the forefather of a rich Danish family turns into a game of massacre aimed at challenging, in a crescendo of tension, the precarious family balance based on hypocritical relationships, unspeakable secrets, unhealthy power relationships. To light the fuse the greeting speech of the eldest son Christian which will lead to the disintegration of the mask behind which the dark side of the family is hidden.

The work delves into the most uncomfortable taboos, facing the relationship with the father figure, the relationship with power, and with imposed authority. It is therefore impossible not to think about Hamlet, about the Greek tragedy but also about the fairy tale universe of the Brothers Grimm. Who could ever try to overthrow the world of our fathers? Their way of thinking, their life vision, their future projects shape the existence of posterity, leaving their mark forever. Festen is a challenge in search of the impossible: looking at this world with different eyes, exploring spaces not yet traveled.
Making the revolution.


Short Info

Premiere: March 2021
Age: 16+

Direction Team

Based on “Festen” by Thomas Vinterberg, Mogens Rukov
Adaptation from the screenplay: Bo Hr. Hansen
Italian version and Rewrite: Lorenzo De Iacovo, Marco Lorenzi
Direction: Marco Lorenzi
Dramaturg: Anne Hirth
Visual concept and Video: Eleonora Diana
Sound design: Giorgio Tedesco
Light design: Link-Boy (Eleonora Diana and Giorgio Tedesco)
Costumes: Alessio Rosati
Production: Elsinor Centro Di Produzione Teatrale, Tpe – Teatro Piemonte Europa, Teatro Stabile Del Friuli Venezia Giulia
In collaboration with Il Mulino di Amleto


Danilo Nigrelli, Irene Ivaldi


Roberta Calia, Yuri D’agostino, Elio D’alessandro, Roberta Lanave, Barbara Mazzi, Raffaele Musella, Angelo Tronca