Michał Wyszkowski

He is a graduate from the Artur Grottger High School of Arts and Crafts in Suprasl. He was a student of The Academy of Performing Arts in Pragu–Theatre Favulty (DAMU) af Department of Scenography (2004-2009). He collaborated, among others with the theatres: Tesinske Divadlo in Cieszyn (Czech Republic), Russian Theater Novogo Fronta in Prague and the Svandovo Divadlo in Smichove. From 2015 he works at Białystok Puppet Theater as a stage designer. The author of scenery for BTL performances, including “Hansel and Gretel”, “Pinocchio”, “The Story of Prince H.”, “Cyber Cyrano”. In 2016 he realized his own exhibition “Scenographic Projects” as part of the BTL Gallery. He also arranges usable spaces. He is interested in 3D graphics and architecture that uses renewable energy sources.