Vancouver TMP meeting

In April 2023, Theatre Mediation Programme development team was in North-Vancouver, at Presentation House Theatre.

ConnectUp project leader Dirk Neldner and the head of TMP, Gunnar Horn, and connectUp team members shared workshops and masterclasses with the Canadian artists to start the second run of Theatre Mediation Programme.


In Vancouver, the team of ConnectUp shared the aims of the project and the different modules of the Theatre Mediation Programme, in order to create a common platform for the training programme.

All the participants in Presentation House Theatre took part in lectures and practical exercises to get an understanding of the role of a theatre mediator, to share historical knowledges and different strategies in the field of Theatre for, with and by young people.

Short Info
    • 2023, 11. – 14. April
    • 20 participants
    • Presentation House Theatre