Youth Encounter in Teatro O Bando, Palmela

70 young people • 9 european countries • 1 big event
A unique theatrical moment with young Europeans and their vision of the future

From 3rd to 11th of June, Teatro O Bando opened the doors for 70 young people from 9 european countries to inhabit the valley and make this place a space for research and artistic reflection on the expectations and aspirations of the “world of tomorrow”.

We asked together: how the world can become a better place tomorrow? What mechanisms are needed to achieve change? How can societies be changed so that the future continues (or becomes) worth living?

TOMORROWLAND has been a week of interaction and collective thinking about the social, environmental, and political issues that young people envision for their own future. Throughout the week we had various theatrical activities and debates, music workshops, creative writing, movement, set building and costume design, exploring from within the various areas involved in artistic creation with a view to create the TOMORROWLAND – Big Event, on Saturday 10 June 2023, that culminated the intensive week leaded by the team of Andrew Siddall and Chloe Osbourne from United Kingdom.

The audience walked through an interactive Tomorrowland, to navigate both demanding challenges and responses of solidarity.

Tomorrowland was implemented by the European network ConnectUp and artistically realised by the two artists Andrew Siddall and Chloe Osborne, UK, assisted by facilitators from all 9 countries.