The Hidden Curriculum

The Hidden Curriculum
(Prikriti Kurikulum)

Authors: Nataša Živković, Tea Hvala, Teja Reba, 10 young adults

Societal reality is an everchanging process along with formal social structures which form behaviours, values and emotional expressions that construct and drive current social structures. The Hidden Curriculum will address the role of upbringing and education in life and work today.
The role of upbringing and education is formally aimed at personality development, but is generally perceived as a conscious preparation for work and mirrors a technocratic approach model to society. Compared to other parts of Europe, which have established different and updated approaches to education, we are asking ourselves how our current education model has been adapted to our environment. Education can often be trapped into hindering internal motivation, but at the same time it is faced with the difficult task of adapting to new circumstances at a time of employment instability, precarity and new work environment specifics.
The hidden curriculum is a term used mostly in critical pedagogy and determines the “side effects” of school learning. These are the unintentional behaviour models, opinions, social norms and ideologies parallel to the formal education plan that students internalize and use later in life. These can reproduce existing inequalities or make their existence conscious and thus bring a positive, emancipatory and transformational potential.
The first part of the process will include research residencies and interviews with pedagogical workers, activists and scholars that work in both the formal educational system as well as in alternative educational practices and institutes for research in the field of education.
The second, creative part will be a collaboration between the artistic team and the young adults through workshops focused on three subjects: abandoning learned positions and preconceptions acquired in school; approaching themes like un-schooling, feministic pedagogy and democratic upbringing; and reflections on educational reform in Slovenia.

Short Info

Coproduction: Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana, City of Women Ljubljana
Premiere October 2021


Direction Team

Directors: Nataša Živković, Tea Hvala, Teja Reba
Choreography: Nataša Živković
Set design: Urša Vidic
Light design: Urška Vohar
Costume design: Nataša Živković
Music: Neža Dobrovoljc
Video: Ivana Vogrinc Vidali
Foto: Nada Žgank
Assistant: Sara Šabec
Text: Tea Hvala
Professional advice: Darja Štirn, Aleš Zobec, Aigul Hakimova, dr. Evo D. Bahovec, mag. Darja Rakovič