Vitalis Waweru

Vitalis Waweru is a creative who apart from performing as an actor and a singer, also creates as a director and producer. He has starred in films such as ‘Tapi’ which premiered at the Rotterdam Film Festival, ‘Bidii’ season one, ‘Abel’ and ‘JC.’ He has also acted in films such as ‘Rafiki,’ ‘Sense 8,’ ‘Tuko Macho’ amongst other roles both on stage and film as well as numerous voice over work.
As a producer/director, he produced and directed the re-do of Eric Wainaina’s song ‘Daima Kenya’ where various known artists/figures in Kenya, including Eric Wainaina himself, came together to advocate for peace in Kenya during the 2022 General Elections through the song.
As an all round creative practitioner, he has gone through artistic training in Silent Voices Uganda (Director’s Apprenticeship 2019), JiNice Visafe, The Theatre Company and Aroji Drama Academy.
He holds a BA in Broadcast Production from the University of Nairobi and is currently in the UK doing his MA in Applied Theatre and Education.