Alexandra Hutter

Born in 1965 in Vienna

Education as a Makeup Artist in Vienna and Paris

From 1982 until 1991 Training in various areas at the Schauspielhaus Vienna (Hans Gratzer) Various Film- and Cinema productions with Peter Patzak, Harald Sicheritz, Franz Novotny, Wolfgang Murnberger, Dieter Berner and many more.

Since 2003 active as a production and commercial manager: Productionmanager at Dschungel Wien; Pausenrehe & Platzhirsche (Director: C.Eckenstein, Theater FOXFIRE); Project coordination kurt mayer film; Production manager Documentary „Servitengasse 1938“ (Directors: Tobias Dörr & Henri Steinmetz); Audience Service Manager Impuls, Tanzfestival 06; Founder of the association THEARTE;ES-E-IX. Kinderfragen. Klebebilder (Director: Lilly Axster ,Theater FOXFIRE) Project manager szene bunte wähne Dance Festival 2007; „König & König“ (Director: Barbara Loibnegger, Association THEARTE) „Darksite“ (Director: Corinne Eckenstein, Theater FOXFIRE) Project manager szene bunte wähne Dance Festival 2008; „ZEITLOS SCHÖN (Director: Yvonne Zahn, Association THEATER; Project manager szene bunte wähne Dance Festival 2009; „Das Mädchen auf den Dächern „(Director: Yvonne Zahn, Association THEARTE) Casting Assistant (various Feature- and Cinema movies, Nicole Schmied casting) ; „LUCKY BOY“ (Director: Yvonne Zahn, Association THEARTE) „Verrücktes Blut “(Director: Volker Schmidt, new space company in Cooperation with GARAGEX); „Monkeymind“ (Director and Performance: Simone MAYER, Kopf Hoch in Cooperation imagetanz/brut. „Alma“(Director: Paulus Manker, ROIGK HALLE, Wiener Neustadt); on DIS PLAY (Artistic Management: Veronika Glatzner; Verein Tempora)

Since 2013 Productionmanager und Commercial Manager at TheaterFOXFIRE.

„Reigen“ (Director: Alex Riener; Kultur.Sommer.Semmering).

Since July 2016 Managing Director & Commercial Manager at Dschungel Wien.