My secret… I am happy without anyone knowing.

I won’t tell anyone, but I want everyone to know.

Everyone and the world.

Everyone shall know.

It is important to know, to look, to recognize.

I am here and I breathe.

This becomes our secret.

It is so hard to be in our own skin.The first step to finding a taboo is to be aware of its existence, to realize that it already lives in our head, even before it is named.On stage, four strangers are challenged to find a nut. To do so they will have to deal with their personal limits, dive into a box full of secrets, and be able to dialogue in several languages. What will it take for them to face the vertigo of discovering who they really are?

TABU is a co-production between Teatro O Bando and Dschungel Wien (Austria). It premiered in Vienna on September 22nd, 2022, and played in Palmela from October 27th to November 20th, 2022. The two premieres were performed with special adaptation and changes in each country.

This CONNECT-UP co-production brought together two very different companies – one based in the middle of the valley in Palmela, Portugal, and the other based in the heart of Vienna, Austria. In order to better understand how taboos, affect teenagers from both countries, the two theatres developed a work with schools in Palmela and Vienna, which was a cornerstone  in the construction of the show. 


Short Info

Premiere: 22 September 2022
Age: 12+
Co-production: Teatro O Bando | Dschungel Wien

Direction Team

direction and staging Juliana Pinho
co-direction and choreography Corinne Eckenstein
assistant director Amarílis Anchieta dramaturgy Amarílis Anchieta and Susana Mateus
set design Rui Francisco
costumes Catarina Fernandes
music Maria Taborda and Jason Macedo
production Inês Gregório, Anna Sonntag and Annamaria Waliczky
sound design Miguel Lima
lighting design Michael Zweimüller, Hannes Röbisch and Rita Louzeiro


with Elif Bilici, Maria Taborda, Nérika Amaral and Rafael Barreto