“Simulator” is a game that offers the experience of real life in a virtual world. What can such an experience give us and what can it take away? Is it simply a game and fun? When does it cease to be fun anymore?

The show was based on interviews with high school students. Director Tomsa Legierski and playwright Petra Kosova conducted a series of discussions with students aged twelve to sixteen about what they experience when they feel betrayed, what they perceive as injustice, what hurts them and what they perceive as barriers to communication with adults.

They also met with teachers, school psychologists and parents. And finally, together with Polish actors, they revived their own memories and experiences and sought ways to understand teenagers – both Polish and Czech.


Short Info

Premiere 29 October 2022
Co-production Białystok Teatr Lalek | Divadlo Alfa

Direction Team

Direction: Tomsa Legierski

Dramaturgy Petra Kosová and Tomsa Legierski

Scenography Karel Czech

Music Daniel Čámský

Animations Martin Máj

Literary consultations Marta Guśniowska

Photos Krzysztof Bieliński


Łucja Grzeszczyk, Agata Stasiulewicz, Krzysztof Bitdorf, Michał Jarmoszuk, Maciej Zalewski