Showcase Pinklec / Assitej Croatia

In October 2022 a meeting of the Connect Up Advisory Board took place in Čakovec, Croatia at the partner theatre Pinklec.

In several encounters, the artistic directors of the companies reported on the work processes and results of the first connectup co-production (#3) aimed at a specific target group. The meeting of partly very different working methods and artistic focuses was described by everyone as very challenging, but also as a great professional and personal enrichment.

There were intensive discussions about the working process of the first connect up co production (#3). What was new for several theatres was the close cooperation with the theatre educators who took part in the 1st run of the connect up Theatre Mediation Programme. The fact that, in addition to the professional production, intensive research among the target groups and a co-creation with young people also took place under the direction of the theatre mediators (artists and teachers), was unusual for several companies and sometimes logistically not easy to embed in everyday theatre life. Yet all described these processes as a valuable experience; they will also accompany new productions in the future. Above all, the intensive cooperation with individual schools and teachers will be continued and intensified.

A second central topic were the considerations for the second connect up co-production (#4): a bi-national production with a theatre outside the project. The majority of theatres are already in close contact with their respective partners, interesting and leading international companies, and very different artistic concepts and Theatre Mediation projects are being developed. 

Short Info
    • 2022, 12. – 15. October
    • over 55 participants
    • 6 shows

At the same time as the Advisory Board meeting, the national annual ASSITEJ festival, organized by the host, took place at the Pinklec theatre. The European guests had the opportunity to see several Croatian performances, including the Pinklec production “A Blue Sun on a Yellow Sky” for viewers 4+.  The solo “Petty One-Way” (age 10+) was invited from the Landesbuehnen Sachsen (DE), a production that is exemplary in terms of sustainability and environmental awareness. Here there was the opportunity to use the translation options of the ConnectAPP, so that a wordy production was understandable for everyone.