Puppet No Puppet

The International Festival of Puppetry Schools has been organized every two years since 2002. Its main aim is the initiation of discussions concerning tradition and the newest artistic trends in the art of puppetry.

International artists are programmed alongside local performers. Performances are often followed by Q&A sessions and the festival also organises parallel events such as seminars, workshops and exhibitions, which allows the exchange of good practices, promotes networking between artists with different backgrounds and brings audiences closer to both artists and cultural organisations, thus enhancing their sense of belonging to a project strongly rooted in the local performing arts scene.

Festival organizers are Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw, Branch Campus in BiaƂystok and Bialystok Puppet Theatre.

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20/25 June 2022

  • founded in 2002
  • about 30 performances during the festival
  • about 25 companies present during the festival