by Marta Guśniowska

What can be written about ”Ony”? For all of those, who got used to Marta Guśniowska’s texts – funny, warm fairy tales, often turned upside down – “Ony” can be quite a surprise. Here we have a poetic tale about life of Ony, who we meet as an eight-year-old boy and we leave at the end of his unusual life.

The performance prepared by Jacek Malinowski, filled with numerous plot twists as well as climatic music and scenography, whose authors are well-known Lithuanian artists (Antanas Jasenka and Giedrė Brazytė), often co-working with BTL during last years, constitute an offer for the whole Family. Everyone, irrespective of age, will surely find there something for themselves –from surprising adventures of the main character, through diverse plays with words, till a kind of philosophical reflection.

Short Info

Age: 11+
Duration: 70 minutes
Premiere: 3/02/2018


Direction Team

Direction: Jacek Malinowski
Scenography: Giedrė Brazytė
Music: Antanas Jasenka
Multimedia: Mantas Bardauskas


Łucja Grzeszczyk
Michał Jarmoszuk
Ryszard Doliński