The Norwegian Assitej Festival

The Norwegian Assitej Festival (International Performing Arts Festival for a young audience) started in 1993. It is owned by Assitej Norway which was founded in 1982.

The Norwegian Assitej Festival is the number one meeting point for the Norwegian field and the international field of TYA. The festival presents Norwegian and international performances, workshops and research. One of the main characteristics of The Norwegian Assitej Festival is that the festival program is curated on the basis of a specific theme. In this way, the program works as a great foundation for discussions with a multitude of concrete entry points.

In 2019, The Norwegian Assitej Festival was the host of the Assitej Artistic Gathering – in between Beijing in 2018 and Tokyo in 2021. The next The Norwegian Assitej Festival will be 22. – 25. September 2021.

Short Info

22-25 September 2021

  • founded in 1982
  • 2 employees
  • host of the Norwegian Assitej festival for young audience


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