Medeas Daughters*

Medeas Daughters*
(Medeas Töchter*)

A digital tour through an isolated world
Magdalena Chowaniec, diverCITYLAB & Dschungel Wien

MEDEAS DAUGHTERS*, these are young women* whose visibility and influence on society are pushed into the background because of their origin, skin color, sexual orientation or political views. Their voices, faces, bodies and thoughts should not be heard or seen. Politics is made on their backs, but they are not part of it.


Since September 2019 we have been working on the Greek myth of Medea and writing our own Medea stories together with rapper Esra Özmen, slam poet Yasmo and author Tunay Önder. The result is a manifesto that brings to the surface stories of girls* and young women* that are still unheard. It is about a future in which these young women* will guide and lead the city. A vision that becomes reality.

For our premiere date on June 15, 2020, we are currently constantly looking for new ways of expressing ourselves legally and in a way that is acceptable to health.

MEDEAS DAUGHTERS* are sending videos, texts and sound recordings from their current places of residence, they dance, roar, perform, speak. We publish the collected material on our homepage

Medeas Töchter (c) Rainer Berson
Short Info

Premiere: 17 June 2020
Age: 13+

Direction Team

Management: Magdalena Chowaniec, Corinne Eckenstein, Aslı Kışlal
Writing Workshop: Yasmin Hafedh, Esra Özmen
Text: Tunay Önder
Dramaturgy: Anna Schober
Choir work: Hannah Heckhausen
Production: Anna Sunday
Assistance: Katharina Fischer, Lilly Pfalzer, Adrea Nalin
Homepage/Graphic design: Barbis Ruder


Gökce Aköz, Ebru Aksit, Ruchi Bajaj, Sahan Berna, Elif Bilici, Vahide Caf, Irem Yeser Coskun, Nina Dafert, Kavut Holly Demet, Gülnur Dermikoca, Anna Fenderl, Martina Forstner, Jessica Frank, Daphne Fürlinger, Eli Gebhart, Vasfiye Goecen, Tamalynne Grant, Anna Gromova, Paulin Häfner, Elena Halkias, Aysen Hofstätter, Flora Hölzl, Ramon Isabel, Tanja Josic, Lena Kaiser, Yasmin Karabacak, Annamaria Kemanjian, Michaela Khom, Yuria Knoll, Lara Kofler, Marinela Kostic, Cecilia Kukua, Vicky Kunz, Martina Laimer, Milena Leeb, Lilie Lin, Canan Keskinöz Linneweh, Yasmin Maatouk, Lisa Mackner, Wasan Majeed, Franka Mascha, Valeria Menia, Johanna Mettnitzer, Caroline Elisabeth Mirkes, Ines Miro, Jona Moro, Ivana Nikolic, Shirin Öksüz, Hannah Plachel, Wanda Purtscheller, Laura Rameis, Ana Maria Rodrigues, Yvonne Schamilow , Lili Schandl, Tekla Scharwaschidze, Christine Schörkhuber, H. Ezgi Karakaş Schüller, Chiara Seidl, Sophia Steinbruckner, Marlene Tamir, Günin G. Tavlas, Magdalena Tichy, Bianca Tornea, Meli Toupaj, Christina Ulrich, Mirjam Weißbacher, Silvia Weitlaner, Lucie Zelnicek, Jenni Zenz, Charlotte Zorell.