Marketing Meetings

February/ March 2012: Social Media Taskforce

Since January there are frequent meeting to plan and fill our Social Media Channels. Mid of March they will be published and from April on all theatres introduce themselves and produce background stories. In addition we will update each other on how theatre reopenings in 2021 will take place. – Stay tuned!

February 2021: ConnectApp Taskforce

Led by Derick and Arwel from Wales all partners we introduced the state of affairs of the development of our ConnectApp. There was one hour of live trying. It is such a great opportunity to really have the chance to influence such a  useful digital tool for our future work.

regularly since March 2020: Marketing Meetings

Since we had to cancel the “real” marking meeting in Ljubljana in March 2020 there are regular update and work talks every second month. In this special time of the pandemic it helps creating bonds and the network of Connect Up as the only full meeting unfortunately could be held in January 2020 in Vienna AT.