What is a perfect life, a perfect body, a perfect origin? Joseph may not be able to walk without his crutches, but when he dances, he literally seems to fly. Maartje, on the other hand, is rather small and delicate but has the strength to climb the tallest trees, and Future has little money but a voice that makes the world around him ring. They are all the descendants of kings and queens. We go back to the old times when spirits were still connected to people and each was given a life task on the way – a gift and a burden – and it was the task of each individual to use it for his:her true happiness. For each and every one, like a king or queen, wears his:her crown in life.

A powerful dance piece for young people that explores boundaries.

Four dancers deal with their own African, Indonesian and Arabian origins and the associated colonial history – inspired by the life and works of Jean-Michel Basquiat, who repeatedly used the three-pronged crown in his paintings as a symbol of self-empowerment, but also oppression. The crown as an expression of power and domination, dignity and respect. Conspicuously often Basquiat painted the crown on the head of people he admired – such as athletes, writers or musicians. In addition, there is a story that his mother once told him or he once dreamed: “Once upon a time there was a little prince with a magic crown, he had a beautiful voice. But a wizard came and took away his voice and that was not enough, he locked the little wizard in a tower.
He couldn’t get out of there, but he tried to break through the bars of the lattice with the crown, he couldn’t call for help after all, because he didn’t have a voice anymore. All the peasants and inhabitants around that tower heard that beautiful sound that came when the crown was pushed against the grate, they all loved that sound and enjoyed hearing it. Every day the sound came again and no one wondered where this sound came from, they were all enchanted by the sound alone.
Finally, the little prince died all alone, without anyone even knowing who this sound was coming from. He had brought joy to many people and yet he had always been alone.”

Pictures by Rainer Berson

All bodies on stage
Especially for young people it is important to present other views of the body than the images of perfect bodies in social media. Fears and prejudices should be reduced and other images and attitude towards people with different disabilities, bodies and origins should be made possible. This also exposes wounds and these wounds imprint themselves deeply into the body and soul. It takes time to heal and to draw a new strength from it, which also requires empathy and patience.

Short Info

Premiere: 6 October 2023
Age: 12+
Co-production: Dschungel Wien | UNUSUAL BEINGS | Dance Revolution East Africa

Direction Team

Concept & Choreography: Corinne Eckenstein
Music: Karrar Alsaedi
Set Design: Hannes Röbisch und Corinne Eckenstein
Costume: Kareem Aladhami
Outside eye: Livia Patrici (TANZKOMPLIZEN / Berlin)
Assistance: Sophie Freimüller


Dancers: Maartje Pasman, Future Love Sibanda, Joseph Tebandeke