What would the world look like if we were all equal? On the other hand: How can a society tolerate a lot of misfits?

„IN/equality“ is a socially critical play about equality and inequality, which is intended to inspire young audiences in particular to question themselves and their own ideas. Nine trained dancers with and without disability ask themselfes big questions on stage like: Who am I really? What makes me different? What about my personality is socially constructed and what is not.

Contemporary dance theatre with urban styles and live rap.


Short Info

Age: 10+
Premiere: Festival „Kultur am Rande“, Reutlingen (D)–May 5 2021

Direction Team

Artistic director: Attila Zanin
Choreography/Dramaturgy: Kirin España
Assistance: Hana Zanin Pauknerová
Live-Rap: Markus Samek


Dancers: Simon Couvreur, Maira Horvath, Lina Hufnagl, Raphael Kadrnoska, Niklas Kern, Maria
Naber, Marina Rützler, Alexander Stuchlik, Sophie Waldstein