A classic play of folk puppeteers. The various puppeteer families each created–and handed down from generation to generation–their own specific text versions.
„Genevieve“ is an old German tragical love story of the Countess Genevieve, who is betrayed by evil Duke.

The production shows a stimulating contrast between the conventions of traditional puppet theatre and some truly non-traditional “surrealist” puppets (remaining art works of Jan Švankmajer), created by director Tomáš Dvořák.
The play brings a distinctive and entertaining insight into an archetypal story of European literature.

Short Info

Premiere: June 8th 2020
Age: 9+

Direction Team

Director: Tomáš Dvořák
Stage designer: Tomáš Dvořák
Music: Petr Vydarený


Petr Borovský,
Martin Sádlo Bartůšek,
Tomáš Jereš,
Petr Vydarený