Fair of Ideas

After more than 1,5 years the leadership and selected artists from all 14 partner institutions travelled to Porto. From October 29 – November 2, 2021, FITEI Festival was the host for more than 50 theatre makers from all over Europe to continue the artistic endeavor of Connect Up in reality.

The first two days of the meeting were dedicated to the TMP.
Since June 2021, the artists and teachers participating in the program have met once a month online to work on the 6 modules of further education.
The first joint analogue encounter was very inspiring for everyone. A total of 4 lectures and workshops, a joint theatre visit during the FITEI Festival and especially the time spent together resulted in an intensive exchange that will now be continued online again.

The 2nd part of the meeting began with the presentation of the productions of the first project phase #2, in which the theatres made an effort to find a suitable access to the the new target groups. Then the theatres found out about their first ideas for production # 3, which is planned as a cooperation of at least 2 Connect-Up-partners. A meeting of the Advisory Board, the further project-planning and the timing changed by the pandemic were decided. 


Short Info
    • 2021, October 29- November 2
    • over 55 participants
    • 6 shows


The opportunity to see several stimulating productions within the festival and to spend time together intensively in a picturesque city was a great benefit for all participants and will have a lasting influence on further work.