Divadlo Alfa

ALFA Theatre was established in Pilsen in 1966. A year later it began co-organizing the Skupa’s Pilsen festival, now profiled as a competitive biennial of professional puppet and alternative theatre.


ALFA Theatre is one of the best Czech and world-renowned professional puppet theatre ensembles. It is connected with the best authors and artists. In the theatre we consider the puppet to be a dominant and tempting stage phenomenon, but we also welcome alternative theatre methods. The theatre turns to a very wide audience – from kindergarten children to youth and adults. We also try to cooperate with interesting filmmakers.

Every year Alfa plays at many national and international festivals – the most successful production of the “Three Musketeers”; has won over 27 awards and has been shown across Europe, the USA, Canada and Japan.

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Short Info
  • founded 1966
  • 37 employees (18 artists, 6 technicians)
  • 4 new shows per season
  • 280 performances per season
  • 55.000 spectators per year


TMP learners


Veronika Nádeníčková

Partner Schools

PRIVATE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, Gymnázium Františka Křižíka