Cross the line

The garden of the world has no limits, except in our mind

Cross the Line is a research project for young audience.
Cross the Line is a shared creative process between Theatre and Architecture.

Line. Limit. Border. Conflict.

When does a line become a limit?

What does mean crossing that limit?

What does mean crossing that line?

Can the line be a protection?

Can we see the limits around us?

Are the external constructions reflected within us?

The walls outside are repeated inside?

Go beyond. Go over. Cross.

Language. Religion. Skin. Gender. Origin. Family. Age. Social identity. Dreams. Chance.

There is always a line close to us. 

We walk alongside it and we often cross it, it tells us when to stop and reminds us where we are going.

There are new and old architectures which draw up our cities like natural borders which unite and separate since always.

There are physical lines, visible and clear to everyone, and there’s the imaginary ones, which nobody has ever seen, but which are just as clear.

There are lines which move in space and those which travel in time.

There are interior lines, limits more or less surmountable hidden inside ourselves.

There is always Here and Beyond. There’s always Me and You.

On this side is Me.

My space, my things, my way of being and acting.

On this side it’s my world.

Beyond the line it’s You.

To Cross the Line means to choose.

credits Stefano Vaja


Cross the line has been realised thanks to the work of more than 500 teens, aged between 12 and 17, who participated to the research developed in Italy and France from 2021 to 2023.

This show is dedicated to them.

Short Info

Premiere: 2 May 2023
Age: 12+
Co-production Elsinor | Derby Theatre

Direction Team

project compagnia rodisio

by Manuela Capece and Davide Doro

artistic collaboration Jon Beney

lights and sound Silvia Baiocchi

production assistant Silvia Ricciardi

in collaboration with Teatro Comunale di Casalmaggiore and Teatro delle Briciole Solares Fondazione delle Arti


with Salvatore Alfano and Gaia Barili