Bus 57 – A True Story

Bus 57 – A True Story

Play based on the novel of the same name by Dashka Slater
German by Ann Lecker
Stage version by Kerstin Weiß |world-premiere

Sasha and Richard – two young people whose worlds have nothing to do with each other. Sasha is white, comes from a sheltered family, goes to a private school and defines himself as a gender. Richard is African American, has just come out of a residential group for supervised juvenile offenders and is having trouble at school. Both are only connected by the route with bus route 57. Until one day Richard sets Sasha’s rock on fire when he/she fell asleep on the bus. Suddenly the two are united by a whole fate.

Dashka Slater has meticulously worked up and researched the case, which is based on a true story. In her novel BUS 57, she not only gets closer to the two young people, but also takes a close look at the entire US judicial system. After all, is a 16-year-old adult enough to be condemned like that?

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Direction Team

Direction: Monique Hamelmann
Dramaturgy and stage version: Kerstin Weiß