Assitej Festival

Assitej Festival – What matters most
The Assitej Festival has been taking place in Kristiansand (NO) for 30 years. Since the Norwegian Assitej is also a partner in ConnectUp, two ConnectUp co-productions were invited this year’s festival: Tabula Rasa (Landesbuehnen Sachsen/Ich bin O.K.) and Taboo (Dschungel Wien /Teatro OBando).

Both performances were staged several times and were very positively received. Taboo was chosen as the opening show of the international festival. The extraordinary dance production Tabula Rasa touched and impressed the audience in three performances and will certainly remain in the memory of many for a long time.

The ConnectUp-guests had the opportunity to see four more shows at the festival. With Tyngde, a co-production of the University of Agder, the partners were also able to see a show from the leading organization in ConnectUp at the fringe part of the festival. Of particular interest was Production The Tower of Babel, which is also a result of an EU- funded theatre project and included artists from 4 different countries.

Dirk Neldner, artistic director of ConnectUp, took part in a meeting where experiences in international projects were presented and shared. A central element of the meeting was the director’s workshop. Young directors came from all partner institutions. Over the three days, they had the opportunity under the leadership of the experienced director Vibeke Flesland Havre to exchange skills and ideas about working in community projects.

As with previous ConnectUp festivals, young ambassadors also travelled to Kristiansand. As representatives of the four co-producing theatres, they accompanied the festival and informed the ConnectUp partners about their impressions with posts on social media.

Short Info
    • 2023, 12. – 16. Sep
    • over 40 participants
    • 6 shows (2 ConnectUp co-productions)