The Amazons

What does the spirit of the Amazons mean for us today? What happens when women are the central We were raised to view the Amazon women as mythical warriors of ancient times, who can be at the same time strong, independent, deadly and desirable, as the supernatural society of mighty women woven from the thread of imagination. But what if they were real?

The production of The Amazons is a theatrical archaeology in which the creators combine myths and legends of the Caucasian peoples with preserved records of famous warrior women from ancient Greece, to which they have added their own original texts about the Amazons’ trials in life.

The Scythian nomads were one of the most egalitarian societies in human history. Their lives are still largely hidden underground. In the performance we will dig them out and listen to them. We will not be the first. The scientific discoveries of the last decades have confirmed the existence of a large number of female warriors of nomadic tribes from two and a half millennia ago. What were they like and what do they have to tell us today?

The performance will feature women of four different generations who will share their stories, dilemmas, skills, experiences and visions with the audience.

Short Info

Age: 12+

Premiere: 12 October 2023

Co-production: Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana | Theatre for Children Kragujevac (Serbia)

Direction Team

Author: Jaša Koceli, Júlia Sándor

Director: Jaša Koceli

Dramaturgy: Júlia Sándor

Choreographer and assistant director: Tajda Podobnik

Set designer: Darjan Mihajlović Cerar

Music author: Miha Petric

Costume designer: Branka Pavlič Guček

Light designer: David Andrej Francky


Hipolita/Šatana: Jožica Avbelj k. g.

Antiopa/Setenaja: Asja Kahrimanović Babnik

Pentezileja/Tabiti: Zala Ana Štiglic

Atalanta/Katiari: Ivana Pinterič k. g. / Anna Katarina Vavti k. g.