(Atiha Sen Gupta)


After one of her regular visits to see grandmother Abigail in hospital, 15 year old Abisheera (‘Abi’ for short) decides to throw the BEST PARTY EVER at her Nan’s flat.


Struggling to face the imminent reality of life without the only family member she is close to, Abi throws her all into the preperations. But as she tries to clear her head and the flat, family secrets begin to surface. Will Abigail’s past threaten Abi’s already fragile present?


The digital life of millennials is brilliantly captured in Abi, a fresh new play jointly commissioned by Derby TheatreandQueen’s Theatre Hornchurch. This vibrant one-woman show explores how a fiery 15-year-old girl experiences modern society by delving into her realm of boys, family, partying, ambitions and social media, with wit and flair.


Short Info

Premiere: December, 20th, 2020
Age: 14+
Duration: 40 min

Direction Team

Directors: Sarah Brigham, Omar Khan

Text and dramaturgy: Atiha Sen Gupta


Safiyya Ingar

“A delightfully enjoyable, skilled performance”
Broadway Baby ★★★★

“A refreshing and delightful piece of work with extremely clever references to the original Abigail’s Party … a top-notch play that explores with great complexity the perils of being young in today’s Britain” –Roy Williams OBE