A Filament

A Filament

written by Malina Prześluga-Delimata

The performance’s characters are objects that live in a little girl’s room. The daily, monotonous ritual of getting up to school is a good excuse for them to complain. However, when one morning the Alarm Clock rings three times, everyone begins to realize that something bad has happened during the night …

Malina Prześluga’s Pręcik (A Filament) is a poetic tale, a lyrical one–although not devoid of humour–story for children about dying and emotions related to death. The performance aims to make children and adolescents aware that next to them there are children who are seriously ill and who also die (in Polish society the subject of illness and death of children is taboo).


Short Info

Age: 7+
Premiere: 12 December 2021

60 minutes

Direction Team


Izabela Maria Wilczewska, Iwona Szczęsna, Grażyna Kozłowska, Paweł S. Szymański, Michał Jarmoszuk, Błażej Piotrowski, Mirosław Janczuk